C.A.S.T. (Care and Support Team)


Sunday - 9am blended worship service and 11AM traditional Worship Service

C.A.S.T (Care and Support Team)

The Care and Support Team has been formally known as the Congregational Care Team and the Sympathy and Sorrow committee. Our committee’s main goal is to care for our church members who have also cared for us at some time or another. Committee members meet every other month to pack “care bags” for those connected to the church who may be homebound, sick, or just need a little sunshine in their day! This could not be done without the support of our congregation. Additionally, CAST sends birthday and anniversary cards to celebrate happy times with the members of our congregation. We also aim to provide comfort to members of our congregation after the loss of a loved one. Sometimes this means a warm home cooked meal, and sometimes it comes in the form of a little card just to say “we love you and are praying for you.”  If there is a way that we can serve you, please let us know!