What We Believe


Sunday - 9am blended worship service and 11AM traditional Worship Service

Mission, vision and values of Bethesda united methodist Church, Guyton, GA


Leading people to become devoted folowers of Christ


Changing the surrounding community through a Christ-centered church that is open to all, a safe place to grow, and built to serve others.


We are Christ-Centered

  • We love and follow Jesus and His teachings.
  • We strive to find our Christian voice as we share Jesus' message.
  • We explore what it looks like to live Jesus' love daily.
  • Through the workings of the Holy Spirit we seek to become more like Jesus.
  • We are uncompromisingly conservative in our beliefs.
  • We believe the Holy Bible contains all of life's answers.

We are Open to All

  • We believe in unconditional love, which leads us to worship with others from all walks of life as we show compassion and love for our neighbor.
  • We endeavor to build a community with diverse backgrounds and perspectives that are focused on becoming all that Jesus Christ has called them to be and live as His Holy Word teaches them to live.
  • We are open to all and loving to all, but will always teach the truth of God's Word that inspires repentance and change in our lives.

We are a Safe Place

  • We acknowledge that we all have unanswered questions and God welcomes our search as we lead them to the truth.
  • We believe asking tough questions is foundational to our spiritual development.
  • We provide a safe environment where people share their doubts, convictions and struggles without fear of judgement or repercussion.
  • We are a Safe church, safe people, and your safe place.

We are a Church with a passion to serve

  • We are called to serve as Jesus served and to give as Jesus gave.
  • We will use our spiritual gifts to serve everyone, inside and outside the church.
  • We serve God and the world with thankfulness and joy, without expectations of getting something in return.
  • Our motives are pure, simple, and contain the heart of Jesus to help our brother/sister who may be in need.
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